CIR/CII Approval & CIR Securment

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To facilitate all of your CIR / CII processing over the long term think of SEO. Any company, private research organization or technical and scientific expert whose status falls within the scope of private law may apply.

follow link CEFIR validates your eligibility, prepares the forms, follows your file with MENESR

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follow Ajout de la loi de Finances 2013, le CII est réservé aux PME au sens communautaire (CE n°800/2008 de la Commission).

opcje binarne najlepsi brokerzy A trifecta funding insurance:

  • optionen handeln The tax rescripts or CIR prior notification procedure – to be filed within 6 months before the deadline for the filing of the CIR / CII declaration, this pre-approval of conformity of the application can be opposed to the Tax administration in the event of a refusal; provided the company can prove alignment between application and realization.
  • tjäna pengar på forex trading On-demand CIR inspection – request for approval from the tax administration (Article L. 80 A and B of the LPF) on one or more specific points of a file such eligibility of the R & D project (MENESR) and / Or on the interpretation of the tax provisions provided for in Article 244 quater B of the French Tax Code, 44 septies F to M of Annex III to the French Tax Code.
  • follow site CIR tax audit assistance – Europe benefits from one of the most favorable tax incentive programs, in Europe and worldwide obtained through often simple declaration, but tax audits are common and can be unsettling.


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