Start-ups: time to innovate

Start-ups: time to innovate

Benefits for start-ups

Tax benefits for start-ups
A JEI* is exempt from tax on profits earned for the first two fiscal years. Since 2012, January 1st, this exemption is total for the first fiscal year and 50% for the following fiscal year.
On the decision of the local authorities, the JEI are exempt from property tax and TEC for seven years.
Capital gains on the sale of JEI shares are exempt.
In the event of a sale, capital gains on JEI shares are exempt from tax if the shareholder retained them for at least three years and did not, alone or with family members own more than 25% of the corporate holdings of the company.
Please note that the conditions for eligibility for JEI status must be met for each financial year, otherwise the exemption will be forfeited in the year in question.

*Qualified Innovative Start-Ups


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