BPI France and its partners will mobilize 200 billion euros by 2019, in substance:

  • Feasibility support Financial support for the setting up and maturation of an innovative project (market research, research, etc.) carried out on its own or European or international level. This aid is granted in the form of a grant.
  • Technology Partnership Support (APT)* In order to facilitate collaborative projects for French companies, aid in the form of a subsidy capped at € 50 000 and beyond, in the form of a repayable advance, is granted to cover part of the expenses for preparation for the partnership (Search for partners, consortium, use of specialists …).
  • Innovation Loan For companies with at least 3 years of existence, wishing to launch an innovative product or service on the market can benefit from a loan to finance all intangible expenses necessary for industrialization and marketing. The amount is € 50,000 to € 5 million within capital limit over a period of 7 years.

The ANRT (National Agency for Research and Technology) also supports companies, in particular through:

  • The “CIFRE”* is a Labor/Training outline agreement, a financial incentive to encourage hiring of young PhD students. Companies under French law can hire for missions in liaison with external research laboratories. This requires a tripartite agreement: a company, a doctoral student (level bac +5) and a research laboratory. The company is committed to recruiting a PhD student (3-year fixed-term or fixed-term contract) with a minimum wage of € 23,484 per year (€ 1,957 / month) and a research assignment that will serve as preparation for a doctoral thesis.

The financial advantage:
14 000 € of subsidy by the ANRT to put towards the 3 years of wages and a Research Tax Credit (CIR) on the unsubsidized part of the full costs. The total grant may reach up to 46% of the full cost. There are extra advantages to the hiring of a young doctor at the end of his thesis (salary charged counted double, operating expenses can be increased to 200% of the pay loaded for 24 months following the 1st hiring).


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