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Corporate history & Mission statement

CEFIR Consulting is the expression of in-depth know-how and ambition to see the world move forward. Marilena Candido Della Mora spent over twenty years at the Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Budget. The global arena has intensified; however, help is available, but professionals often miss out on vital financing to carry out their projects. Innovation is the key factor in staying a step ahead of the competition, whether national and international.

Determined to act and spread her expertise for greater impact Marilena Candido Della Mora created CEFIR Consulting and joined forces with Vanessa Amaranthe, an Economics major graduate of the NEGOCIA International Business School of Paris.

Our team of 7 technical and scientists experts, assessors with the European Commission, former delegates of the Ministry of Research, referenced for their professional reputation make CEFIR Consulting the privileged go-between for innovative SMEs and administration.

Financial partners, lawyers, work closely with the firm to accelerate the success of innovative projects.

CEFIR consulting assists you in the following areas:

  • Optimization and securement of funding and tax credit claims for Innovation and Research
  • Cost optimization
  • Strategy consulting on R&D
  • Support for the recruitment of doctors, support for the CIFRE (study of subjects, choice of PhD students, scientific supervision)
  • Support for technology watch

The success of numerous missions of Public Financing and Tax Optimization have positioned CEFIR Consulting as a reference.

Our values

  • To dare – in a world of competitiveness is to extend the field of possibilities.
    Our clients open up new markets. To innovate is to dare.
  • To sustain – by daring, by spirit of initiative business models and society are reinvented.
    Our customers are nurturing new valuable eco-systems. To innovation is to sustain
  • Excellence – “It is not abundance, but excellence that is wealth” JOSEPH JOUBERT
  • Ethics – “Truth is understood only through the understanding of opposites.” LAO TSEU
  • Confidence – “Leadership is being self-confident and spreading it onto others. ” NICOLAS DE TAVERNOST

Together we ensure that your projects are born.

Our team of experts

Successes are directly related to people. Associating ethical and recognized experts in their fields is a guarantee of quality and efficiency.
CEFIR Consulting brings you a team of skilled, experienced multidisciplinary experts, with proven know-how, united by strong values.

The founders


Founder of CEFIR Consulting, after her tenure with the Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Budget, where she fine-tuned her expertise serving the Tax and Legal Department as well as the Recovery Department, gaining trade know-how and recognition with regards to tax optimization (CIR, CII, approvals, rescripts) and public funding (region, national, Bpifrance).


After a career in international trade, having demonstrated above and beyond dedication before even the official start of the company, she gained her place in the future of the company.
Graduate of economics, graduated from the International School of Commerce NEGOCIA in Paris.

Our experts

Fiscalists and lawyers,

A team of 7 technical experts, scientists, and assessors with the European Commission, specialized in computing, Artificial Intelligence, energy transition, robotics, biotechs, security and the cybersecurity….

Law firms.

CEFIR Consulting your best ally for funding that matches your ambitions


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