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EUROPEAN & NATIONAL FUNDING / BPI-ANRT BPI France and its partners will mobilize 200 billion euros by 2019, in substance: Feasibility support Financial support for the setting up and maturation of an innovative project (market research, research, etc.) carried out on its own or European or international level. This aid is granted [...]

EUROPEAN & NATIONAL FUNDING / BPI-ANRT 2021-01-26T09:58:31+01:00


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VIDEO GAME TAX CREDIT Under certain restrictions all gaming companies, subject to corporation tax can apply. Restrictions are: A development cost of more than € 100,000 For commercial use Made by French and / or European companies Advantages are: Tax credit equal to 20% of the total amount spent on video game [...]

VIDEO GAME TAX CREDIT 2021-01-26T09:57:23+01:00

Fashion Collections Tax Credit

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Fashion Collections Tax Credit To qualify businesses must respond positive to the following criteria: Industrial enterprises in the textile-clothing-leather sector with industrial activities consisting of the processing of raw materials or semi-finished products into manufactured products Companies offering new collections, renewed at regular intervals Advantages are: A tax credit at the rate [...]

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JEI For Innovative START-UPS

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JEI FOR INNOVATIVE START-UPS Program created to support innovative young businesses. Funding can go up to € 200,000 over three rolling years thanks to the Finance Act of 2003, December 30th prolonged to 2019, December 31st. Eligibility criteria are: SMEs in the EU sense (CE No 800/2008 Company set-up less than 8 [...]

JEI For Innovative START-UPS 2021-01-26T09:51:44+01:00

CIR/CII Approval & CIR Securment

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CIR/CII APPROVAL & CIR SECUREMENT CIR / CII Approvals To facilitate all of your CIR / CII processing over the long term think of SEO. Any company, private research organization or technical and scientific expert whose status falls within the scope of private law may apply. CEFIR validates your eligibility, [...]

CIR/CII Approval & CIR Securment 2021-01-26T09:49:04+01:00


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RESEARCH (CIR) AND/OR INNOVATION (CII) TAX CREDITS Research Tax Credit (CIR) Tax incentive created in 1983 to support companies' R & D efforts. Are eligible, any creations, procedures, processes or equipment that include: An original twist or a substantial improvement technological breakdown or scientific validation The CIR allows R & [...]


Research tax credit: the Advisory Committee

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Research tax credit: the Advisory Committee. Decree of application 2016, June 9th In order to facilitate dialogue with businesses, the2015 Amending Finance Law created a competent advisory committee on disputes relating to the eligibility of certain research expenditures. Decree 2016-766 of 2016, June 9th specifies protocol of the advisory committee for the CIR. [...]

Research tax credit: the Advisory Committee 2021-02-19T10:23:24+01:00

Pre-financing of the Research Tax Credit

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Pre-financing of the Research Tax Credit Establishment of the research In order to encourage business innovation, the Public Investment Bank (BPI) launches pre-financing of the Research Tax Credit (CIR). The target is to allow SMEs to have the cash flow necessary to cover their R & D expenses the year in which they [...]

Pre-financing of the Research Tax Credit 2018-11-14T19:55:22+01:00

Start-ups: time to innovate

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Start-ups: time to innovate Benefits for start-ups Tax benefits for start-ups A JEI* is exempt from tax on profits earned for the first two fiscal years. Since 2012, January 1st, this exemption is total for the first fiscal year and 50% for the following fiscal year. On the decision of the local [...]

Start-ups: time to innovate 2018-11-13T10:21:16+01:00